19 Februar 2013


i had a great time last week in brighton. thanks to everybody who got tattooed, old an new customers.
thanks to all my friends that i only meet on conventions and that made my days there. thanks to my new booth buddies in that amazing huge 8 people booth we had.
and thanks to woody for putting up such an amazing show!

due to my discomfort in regards to electronic devices i apologize for not having any actual fotos of the tattoos i made in brighton. therefor here are some older ones which i still like to look at.

i will be traveling a few countries for the next one and a half month. i will be back in hamburg in april. so please get in touch with me for appointments around that time.

also a few guestartists are about to visit the black hole in the coming months.

(this english version was inspired by a great number of people who gave me shit for only writing in german. thanks! i drink to you.)